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Weekend Projects: Potential Addiction

Rejoice, it’s the weekend again!

I had so much fun with my little project last weekend, that I’m thinking of making this a regular part of my weekends. (if and when I can)

I won’t say too much about the project now, but let’s just say it’ll be using a little of this …

By the way, I love this fabric so much!  It’s hard to tell with the faux “I think I’m a photographer so I use cool techniques on my phone” coloring, but the background is a minty yet vintage blue color and the design reminds me of the brown in chocolate.  Yum.

I’m sure there will be a dramatic post on Monday (or thereabouts) with a complete crafting update.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

A Weekend Project

Photo: Passionate Homemaking

Isn’t this beautiful?  I can almost see a little one snuggled into it.  Of course, that could be just me … I seem to have babies on my mind recently.  Not sure why …

I read about this beautiful blanket over at Passionate Homemaking and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since.  It looks amazingly simple … the perfect project for somebody like me: the “I-think-I-learned-how-to-sew-a-long-time-ago” seamstress.  Of course, mine won’t be in these rich feminine colors, a moment of silence, please.  …okay, moving on… Mine will also take significantly longer to complete than the couple hours truly needed.  (see also: something about interruptions and small children) 

This will most likely be my Saturday.  What’s on your list today?