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A Wonderful Provision…

A hospital is not exactly the best place for non-patients to get sleep.  We found that Ellie and I were having a hard time getting enough sleep, with Chase being up multiple times every night (and especially worrying that he’ll start scratching his incision in his sleep).

One of the nurses in the PICU told us about the Ronald McDonald House, which has been such a blessing to both of us over the last few days.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the donation slots at McDonald’s over the years, and never thought about what they do.

Ronald McDonald Houses are all over the country near major hospitals.  People that bring their children to a hospital for medical treatment often need a place to stay.  It’s their “home away from home.”

The Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital

I was amazed when I walked into the Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Childrens.  It is an amazing place.  When the new Children’s Hospital opened up, Ronald McDonald also moved to a new location.  They have 60 rooms where families can stay, and it feels like a 5-star hotel.  They encourage families to mingle with each other by not having TVs in each room, but they have a common room on each floor where people can be together.  There’s also a kitchen where a family can make their own meals together, and a commercial kitchen where volunteer groups come in to prepare meals for the families that are there.


The kitchen at Ronald McDonald House


David and the staff and volunteers at RMH have been so loving and caring for us over the last few days.  It has been such a blessing.  I’ve slept multiple times over there (sometimes just to nap for a few hours), and when I can pry Ellie away from Chase’s room, I’ve sent her there as well.

I know that now that I’ve been the recipient of this wonderful organization, I won’t be able to pass by the little donation slots at McDonald’s without remembering what I’ve been given.

Somnus Relinquo

This winter, I wrote about my epic battle against the germs. I’m happy to report that they are (at least for now) GONE!  [germs are trolls and I am winning!]

Just when I was beginning to picture peace breaking out and rest/relaxation on the maternal horizon, there has in the last couple weeks been a fast and furious attack on another front.


This is a technical* term: see also “Somnus Relinquo” – literally “the abandoner of sleep” (thank you, Google!)
*technical in that I made it up right now and decided to call it technical.

Commence the wracking of brains:

Counselors have been employed…

Positive reinforcements have been offered…

Negative reinforcements have on occasion been instituted…

[Is this starting to sound like the friend of Sam I Am who wouldn’t eat Green Eggs and Ham?  By the way, does that guy even have a name?  I mean, other than “The Ham Guy”?  I digress …]   


Back to the Bed Getter Outer … alias: Aidan Russell Gray Ewoldt, age 2 …

Overall, there has been mild progress made on the parental front at large, but this last week there were significant set backs due to advancement in the opposition’s technology.

There was the strategic battle of “Get Out of Bed and Climb The Bookshelf” – the terrain being six feet tall and only 12 inches wide, this was a particular blow to the circulatory system (heart region especially) of the maternal forces.   An immediate extrication was instituted.

There was also the day of the “Early Surprise Attack with Hostages” – in which the civil defense system (otherwise known as his 5 year old sister over the baby monitor) went off at 6:15 AM with the news that the enemy had not only abandoned camp, but had stormed the fortress across the room. (also known as baby brother’s crib)   He had somehow passed the alligator-infested moat (or, yesterday’s toys with pointed edges that hadn’t gotten cleaned up and still lay on the floor) and had taken the bed …er, castle itself.   However, he had made the strategic error of being unable to exit the castle once inside. This knowledge proved fatal to his morale and he opted to wage hard and fast war on the inhabitants (his one year old brother) during his incarceration.
He was duly captured and questioned, maintaining that since he had been in A bed (though not his own), he was innocent of all accused crimes.


As of today, I’m … wait … what was that? [shouts from the other room] … he’s WHERE?! … I’ll be right there!!

More later …