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My Tuesday

This is my day today.  Cleaning out the clothes.  More specifically, cleaning out and passing on all my girl clothes [sniffs].  I’m okay, really.  I’m just fine with the nine million boxes of boy clothes I will have.  I’m down with all the blue.  I am totally cool with being “the mother-in-law”.  [sob]  Oh man, I gotta stop going down this road …

Moving on …

To help me deal with the clothes angst, I am in super cool mode today.  Special thanks to Carrie for the sweet tie-dye apparel.  Being this cool somehow helps with the clothes sorting … or something.

Note to self: when you’re this much of a nerd, never “strike a pose”.

So, this is my Tuesday!  What’s yours?

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Later today, I will be spending some time in the kitchen for a killer recipe that will include dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter, and oreos.  Stay tuned.  It is sure to be epic.

One Hope

Remember Carrie, my bratty little sister?  Okay, well, for the moment, put the brat thing out of your head because this is way too cool to be bothered with silly sibling stuff.  Is it out now?  Good.

Carrie (or “Care” to me) will be working with One Hope Ministry in Tulsa, Oklahoma this summer.

One Hope is a ministry seeking to transform the inner city by targeting the devastating cycles of poverty, racism, abuse, and violence. We believe that the hope of the Gospel can change individuals who are imprisoned in these cycles and can transform families and communities by destroying the cycles themselves. Our goal is to combat the cycles of devastation in the inner city  with research based and relationally oriented programs that specifically target kids who are at-risk for being the next wave of those cycles.  ~www.onehopeministry.org

Unlike many large cities where our poorest are often located directly within the city, Care describes many of Tulsa’s projects as being totally removed.  The city has moved the poorest of the poor into a field outside the city.  Kids growing up in this environment are totally isolated.  Those who can go to school face high drop out rates and failing public schools, not to mention large areas of economic depression with few prospects available.

Working with One Hope as a “getAHEAD” tutor, Carrie will be one of a team of people seeking to close the learning gap for at-risk kids in school and taking every opportunity to share Christ.

The night before she left, I asked Care why she cared so much about this particular ministry and why I should care with her.  She looked at me and said “Why? Because it’s the only thing that matters in 500 years, that’s why.  Everything else is going to go away, but what you do to help people come to Jesus and have a better life … that’s priceless.  That’s the next generation, and the next generation after that.”

You can go to One Hope’s website to better understand their mission, “getAHEAD”, and One Hope Academy.  There is also a video page with several informative shorts on the ministry, the impact, and better understanding the gang problem.  Why should you care in this moment?  Why should you learn about this ministry?

For the small children (ages 5, 6 and up) who are turning to gangs to follow in their older sibling’s steps, refusing to use certain crayon colors in the classroom because it represents a rival gang’s signature color … for the 12 and 13 year olds being targeted by gang recruitment and pressed to prove themselves with acts of aggression, violence and speculatively even murder … for the small boy failing his classes whose mother keeps him alive by prostituting herself … for all the children who have no fathers… for all the children caught in nightmare cycle after nightmare cycle with no hope.  Why?  Because there is HOPE for these children:

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 [ESV]

Please go to One Hope’s website and prayerfully consider how you can be involved with this amazing ministry as they seek to rescue and impact the next generation.

To become a “Friend of One Hope” and receive regular prayer updates, contact: onehopeministry@gmail.com

Follow One Hope Ministry on their blog: www.onehopeblog.wordpress.com (side note: the daily life stories of these kids are amazing!)

Do you have more questions or want further information on One Hope Ministry?  Contact Pastor Joe Blankenship at: be2Himglory@gmail.com

Tomorrow: Carrie’s Summer

Okay, so I’m really excited about tomorrow.  I have been writing a post about Carrie’s summer …

This is Carrie, by the way … in case you forgot….

[Not sure who that gigantic blur is next to her …]

Anyway, I’m really excited to share with you what I’ve been learning about in regards to Care’s summer.  Because she’s cool …

And she puts up with a lot from my kids …

Oh yeah, and she’s cool.  Did I say that already?

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Week @ Large

Hey, so, about our week …!  Because I know you’ve all been dying to know …

Right now, we’re spending a lot of time with my little sister who is in town for the week after doing this:

Aw, isn’t she pretty?  Don’t be fooled, she’s also a bratty little sister.   Sidenote: She’s flanked here by the parental units who flew to LA to make sure she did the dirty deed and actually graduated.  And another sidenote [because they’re fun]: that bling she’s wearing is a lei made out of chocolate candies.  I wish I’d graduated from her school.

Care leaves for a summer ministry position tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned on this story.  As I’ve been talking with her, this ministry makes me want to cry because it’s so amazing and I’m looking forward to writing more about it sometime this weekend or next week.

On a pretty major note, we started off the week with a little of this:

Meet “E4” — 4th child and 3rd boy, due in the Fall.  Isn’t he cute?  He has his father’s fuzzy features, don’t you think?  Haha! …ahem.  Anyway…

On an (almost, but not really) equally major note, we’ll be finishing the week with this:

For those of you who might not know this if it slapped you in the face, this is PIZZA.  Chicago-style pizza.  Everything-else-you’ve-ever-eaten-pales-in-comparison pizza.  From Lou Malnati’s.  I think I’m actually drooling a little. [Mike Blackburn, wherever you are, eat your heart out]

We’re also looking forward to the long weekend in which we hope to be doing a little of this:

This is us at a Memorial Day parade …about a hundred years ago.  …which was apparently the last time either of us took a camera to a parade.  Plans to rectify that this weekend … so you all can see how much more mature we are [ha!] and also how many more children we have now [hahaha!].

More from the Ewoldts at large (or the large Ewoldts?) very soon …