Friday Five

This week, I decided to make the “Friday Five” about our reading life.  Here is what we’ve just finished, what we’re currently reading as well as (for the adults anyway) what’s next up on the list.  Have a great weekend everybody! :)

B:  “Gospel Powered Parenting”, William Farley (just finished) “Sheet Music”, Kevin Leman (current), “The Road To Serfdom”, F.A. Hayek (up next)

E:Don’t Make Me Count To Three!“, Ginger Plowman (just finished), “Gospel Powered Parenting“, William Farley, “The Pleasures of God“, John Piper (simultaneous current), “Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be“, Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck (up next)

D:  “Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book, Howard R. Garis (republished 1920’s chapter book about the adventures of a “gentleman rabbit” and his woodland friends)

A:  “Curious George and the Puppies“, H.A. Rey

C:  “Squishy Turtle, author [of this small fabric chew toy/book] unknown

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