The End Of A Moment: Intersecting Lines

You guys, for real… On Friday, Chase finished preschool.

I know people are always wishing that their babies would stop growing up and moving further on and away with their lives and I get that, I really do, but in Chase’s case, I love the growing up because it’s what life is about and there have been days and seasons when I didn’t know if we would have those life chances with him.

And for real… this is the kid that I held when he was too weak to walk, and I balanced him when, at age four, he learned to jump on two feet, and I sat with him as he diligently traced “exes” and “crosses” on paper – because intersecting lines were something his brain needed to work hard to figure out. Chase has gone from all these challenging places to taking the intersecting lines and spaces and forming the letters of his own first name.

He holds it in his hands here – not “Last Day of School” or anything else, but this, his name – a part of who he is.

For weeks now, he’s practiced and traced and when I asked him if he’d put it on the sign, he asked me if it had to be perfect, because Miss Marlene, his teacher, said it didn’t have to be perfect.

But, see…? It is perfect, the whole moment is perfect because it’s Chase and he’s gone further than anyone dared hope.

We are so blessed.  Moment by moment.


4 responses to “The End Of A Moment: Intersecting Lines

  1. You’re heart is so beautiful, Ellie. Blessings upon your head. And Chase!

  2. This little boy is perfection himself. We rejoice with you and prayers continue to help him forge ahead in his renewed skills.

  3. Kudos to Chase! (and his parents).

  4. Jolene Arends

    One day at a time, one step at a time. Way to go Chase, loved seeing your paper tat you spelled your name, proud of U.

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