And It Comes Yet Again… **UPDATE**

She’s out and she’s amazing. The surgeon said she handled surgery and anesthesia like a pro.

The biggest joy in this is that he also removed and tested several lymph nodes, all of which were negative for cancer, so, pending the official pathology report, it would seem that while the cancer is invasive, it never spread further than the breast.  We are deeply thankful for this really, really good news.

She went in with great strength this morning and said she felt “wrapped in peace” – this woman blesses me all the time.  The biggest prayer tonight is for rest and sleep as she is pretty uncomfortable and hooked up to a lot of things.

Today was completely crazy, but a good cancer day.


2 responses to “And It Comes Yet Again… **UPDATE**

  1. So thankful for the good news! God is Good.

  2. I’m so happy for all of you!

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