Superheroes Always Win

Chase spent yesterday afternoon at “his hospital” meeting with audiology and neuro-oncology. We are so blessed to be able to report that any further hearing loss is negligible and Chase’s hearing tests in the last year are virtually unaltered.

We had a good meeting with Chase’s neuro-oncologist as well and were officially granted a four month reprieve from scans and clinic – at which point, Chase will have been off treatment for about TWO YEARS. Wow – even typing that blows me away. 

It was superhero day at the hospital, and our bald superhero [with his cancer-fighting super powers and his faithful sidekick “Super Duke”], decided to play it up during his hearing test, telling the audiologist: “If I get all the pieces [to this game] then I win, but if you get all the pieces, then...I STILL WIN.

Ah, yes. That’s how Chase rolls…


"Super Duke" checks the headphones to make sure everything goes well.

“Super Duke” checks the headphones to make sure everything goes well.

Listening to sounds and voices...

Listening to sounds and voices…

Even superheroes need their vitals checked...

Even superheroes need their vitals checked…

Clinic Selfies :)

Clinic Selfies :)

3 responses to “Superheroes Always Win

  1. Jolene Arends

    All SuperHero’s win, way to go Chase, your my SuperHero anyway I look at it. Love ❤️& Prayers coming your way. Mrs. Arends

  2. I love this post! Incidentally, I had some playdough fellowship on last Sunday morning with your youngest, Karsten. I was just hanging out in
    his class during the S.S. hour.

  3. awww, that makes my heart sing!!!!! you go Superhero and your doggie Duke. love forever Chase, miss Maralee

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