Patiently I Wait His Day…


There are a million ways I could classify the strength and character of my mother, but never has it been so clearly showcased as in the days of Chase’s treatment.  She held him when he cried, spoke words of comfort and calm when he could find none, and gave of her home, her time, and even her rest as she’d wake extra early or stay extra late just to be able to hold him on hospital days.

We often laugh in amazement at the turns life takes and shake our heads at the deceitful notion that occasionally creeps in – the one that says we’ll somehow outgrow our need for a moment by moment life.  We laugh a little because we’re continually reminded that outgrowing the constant need for grace is not something that will ever happen as long as we draw breath.

This week, the moment by moment took us back to a place we hoped never to return: to another cancer diagnosis.  This time, it is not the bald one being held, but the strong one doing the holding and the color is pink.  The prognosis is good and there is much to be thankful for in this first week of unfolding, but the realities of scans to check for spreading disease, surgery and treatment remain intense and imminent.  We will fall again, but as always, our prayer remains that we fall towards Him who understands far more than we ever will in this life.

Always and only… moment by moment.

“Whatever my God ordains is right

He never will deceive me

He leads me by the proper path

I know He will not leave me

I take content, what He has sent

His hand can turn my griefs away

And patiently I wait His day…”

(Whatever My God Ordains Is Right, Mark & Stephen Altrogge, Sovereign Grace)

3 responses to “Patiently I Wait His Day…

  1. (Sigh) – – – -OK, Ellie, I’m putting her on my prayer list now.

  2. beautiful thoughts…..

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers will be sent for her and the family.

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