Of Cheese, And Slides, And Knowing All Along

We took the scarf off and he saw for the first time...

We took the scarf off and he saw for the first time…


Chase crouched and fingered the mulch in the yard, “Mom, I know what my surprise is…  You’re going to put a park in the yard.  I know because parks have cheese like this.”  Sometimes when Chase can’t think of a word like “mulch”, he says words like “cheese”.  And some days, he’s just too smart for his own good.



The man said that some installations go quickly and others don’t.  Seven hours after the start, right before the sun went down, we walked Chase outside with one of my scarves tied around his eyes and revealed his special surprise… a huge play set with a fort.  A big smile crossed his face and he sighed “A park…”, and then, “Can I play on it?”


Just like that.


Because, why wouldn’t we put a park in the back yard for him?  He smiled as if he’d known all along.  And then he and his siblings explored every aspect until it was too dark to see…the swings, the tornado slide, the fort, the climbing wall, the place where the sand will be delivered next week…  Their giggles were contagious and the wonder in their eyes…the wonder that this was their own, forever, drew us in like warmth in a chill.


So thankful for all our Make A Wish friends and helpers who put together this moment of joy for Chase and our whole family.





Moment by moment.

5 responses to “Of Cheese, And Slides, And Knowing All Along

  1. Love, love, love this! Happy playing, Chase.

  2. Makes me sooo happy.

  3. Thank you for sharing the narrative and all the photos Ellie! What a joyous time.

  4. Oh what great fun!!! What time did it finally get set up? How did you ever keep Chase busy from seeing what was going wrong?

    So happy for Chasey Bear

  5. Yea for Make A Wish, fabulous organization, who better to “build a park” in your back yard. CHASE IS SO DESERVING, of something Fun, Exciting, all about Happiness in his life, for many days to come. Much love to you all.

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