Like A Child

Long before his birth, the adults around him had prayed for a building in which to have their church.  Now, the prayer was answered.  The old building had been stripped and tooled, fashioned and made new by the loving hands of the community, all but ready for the gathering.  The flooring has yet to be laid and the pastor gathered them and challenged… Write.  Write a prayer on the floor before it’s covered.  Write your heart in faith for what God will do in this place.  And so the 8 year old boy crouched on the cold stone and wrote the prayer that came to his heart…

"Dear Lord, I pray Chase Ewalt survives his canser and they will find a cure - Life in God."

“Dear Lord, I pray Chase Ewalt survives his canser and they will find a cure – Life in God.”

They say that love can heal the broken, they say that hope can make you see.  They say that faith can find a Savior if you would follow and believe…with faith like a child.  -Jars of Clay

Moment by moment.

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  1. me too honey.

  2. Katy Vaitkevicius

    My name is Katy Vaitkevicius, I’m a childhood friend of Bobbie’s and I’ve been following the wonderful progress that Chase has been making. I am writing to ask for a favor. A friend of mine recently posted a facebook status from a friend of hers. Her four year old son seems to be in a situation as dire as Chase’s and it was recently discovered. He has a twin brother, and the status of his mom struck such a chord with me, I was crying as I read it. Like you, she is a very strong Christian. I don’t know her, but your experience, your faith and your comfort seem like it could be so helpful for her, as she begins this nightmare. Would you perhaps be willing to reach out to her? I’m sorry-I know its not my business, but I just thought that if anyone could give this woman any human comfort-it would probably be you. Would this be possible?

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