Of Bears Hats And Times With Dad

Today is a big day for Chase! He has routine appointments at the hospital (not big), and he and Daddy are going by themselves!! (REALLY big!)
Bob is looking forward to some bonding time with Chase and I (laid up with a concussion at home – a story for another time) am trying not to call them every few minutes. :)

Two things to note…
1) Chase is a Chicago Bears fan and wanted me to point out that he’s wearing his Bears hat.
2) Look at Chase’s face! I know this picture isn’t the best, but he’s visibly filling out! I love it!

Moment by moment.


3 responses to “Of Bears Hats And Times With Dad

  1. Now tat he’s gained some weight, he looks so much like his daddy!

  2. you are all my Christmas heros. hi to the other kids.
    lovemaralee and bohdi

  3. Seeing that precious boy’s face and the smile is a great way to begin this week of rejoicing. He looks more like his Dad even to the dimpled chin. What a great CHRISTmas this is going to be. I probably will never meet Chase be his (and all of you’s) courage has made me fall in love with him and you.
    Have a very Merry CHRISTmas and make next year be nothing but big blessings from GOD.

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