Two More

Chase’s counts are finally recovering from his last round of chemo!  Yesterday evening, we received word from the hospital that he has been cleared to come in on Monday.  His levels aren’t exactly where they should be, but are very close.  It is our hope that his Monday labs will reveal he’s fully recovered and that he can be admitted for the week.  We don’t hope this because we love chemo, but because Chase only has two chemo cycles left!  …and then he’s done!!

We would so appreciate your prayers as these last rounds are, in many ways, the most difficult.  The protocol doesn’t change, but his body is exhausted and each round seems to take it’s toll quicker and more painfully than the last.

Moment by moment.

My darling Chase

My darling Chase


3 responses to “Two More

  1. Two to Go! We’ll be praying! And counting and cheering and loving and smiling and celebrating with you and holding your hand in our hearts because quitting is very scary too because even though it was horrible, it was something fighting this aggressive, high mortality rated tumor. We walk with you thru this…..anytime, you know our number.
    Love you all
    Tricia and Fam

  2. Praying! Love love this pic of you two. Lots of love to you all

  3. HE LOVES HIS MOMMY. Yea Yea Yea for the news to go in on Monday.

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