Day Two

Radiation day #2 started at the radiation building, and then due to a fever, moved to the outpatient oncology office, and then to the local ER, and then to an inpatient room, and then discharged from the local hospital to the special transport team, and finally, taken “sirens and lights” to Chase’s hospital.

Waiting in the oncology office after radiation

My apologies for the run-on sentence.  It was a run-on day.  Because of the fever, radiation is currently suspended.

Posing with some members of his spectacular transport team …headed for “his hospital”

Stay tuned for Day #3…

Moment by moment.

3 responses to “Day Two

  1. Prayers continuing….

  2. knowing that God is with Chase moment to moment. praise Him, and ask for Chases’ complete healing. amen.

  3. Continually praying for so many things for all of you involved in this run for life. You are an amazing testimony to all of us following your trials. We pray, most of all, that God’s plan is to heal Chase fully with minimal side-effects. You are never alone.

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