The Cancer And The Cough

I’d like to take a moment and interrupt our continuous cancer coverage for a brief word on … pneumonia!

That’s right, there’s pneumonia in the house.  And actually, even though I said this was a non-cancer interlude, it does indeed have implications.  Aidan (who is such a strong little man about not feeling well) was tagged with a double-lung diagnosis at the beginning of the week and we are so thankful and exited to report that even with this infection in the house, immune-compromised Chase has sailed through without any extended hospital stays!

Sometimes, it takes pneumonia to remind me how blessed I am.

Here they are: The Cancer and The Cough – on a wheelchair at a clinic visit last month (would the responsible adult please step forward?)


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  1. thank you so much for keeping us informed about Chase AND the whole family. Needless to say that your challenges have reached to the God place for courage. but… you .have it, and the boys are just awesome. prayers for their continued healing path back to perfect health and joy. we all love you and your precious family.

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