Nuts and Bolts

Thursday morning, from the surgery floor

I just passed my nearly unconscious son into the arms of the medical team. Have I ever mentioned that this is my least favorite part of procedure days? They give Chase a small drug to relieve “separation anxiety” before they take him back to the OR and he immediately relaxes, but I still hate watching them wheel him away from me. I just do.

After almost two weeks, Chase is back in the hospital today. Right now, he is in the OR to get a new central line, remove the picc line in his arm, get a spinal tap, and receive his spinal chemo. After post-op recovery, he will be admitted for about four days of chemo infusions.

Many times, my thoughts and prayers are more general in nature, but today I have a couple specific requests: Please pray that this new central line does not infect (as his first one did) and please pray that the cancer is no longer present in his spinal fluid.

Thank you.

Hoping and believing outside the OR room…


5 responses to “Nuts and Bolts

  1. prayers done with fervor. pray for him and you all 3 xx’s a day or when I think of you all, amen.

  2. More and more grace and peace to you, dear Ellie. Asking and believing at the throne of grace – with love and hugs, Becky

  3. Always remember God Is
    Riding on Chase’s Shoulder All The Time. God Bless him and your family.

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