First Year

Happy first year to our precocious, unflappable boy.  We love your smile and your cackle-laugh.  We love your rambling toddles and your grunting attempts to speak.

We are so excited to see who and what you become as you grow, and we are so thankful that you came into our lives.  Happy Birthday, Karsten!

2 responses to “First Year

  1. How a handsome happy looking little guy. Happy
    birthday Karsten, hope your big brother Chase comes home to stay well and happy soon to playwith you. hugs, and blessings, maralee green

  2. Since I just learned last week what end of a hammer to use, it was important that I pass that information on (read: bestow) to future generations. Besides I’m hiring out Karsten as a short order cook. If you’d like Karsten to cook (read: hammer) in your kitchen let me know.

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