Six Week Joy

Chase’s cancer treatment calls for a sixth week evaluation.

It’s hard to wrap my head around having had six straight weeks of chemo already.
We spoke with the research fellow on Chase’s team yesterday and the preliminary look at his 6 week MRI showed no new cancer growth (a very real concern with an aggressive, malignant cancer) and the existing areas of cancer to be slightly decreased.


We won’t know the full impact of these findings until after they are reviewed (probably next week) by all the relevant specialties (oncology, radiology, neurology, etc), but we are so encouraged even by what we have already heard… The chemo is working.


I often close my thoughts with this, as it never ceases to be less true to us:

We don’t know what lies ahead, but we continue as we have…



8 responses to “Six Week Joy

  1. Thanks for sharing the encouraging news. We continue to pray that each day’s strength will be provided, like “daily bread”!

  2. My heart is dancing with joy at this news. We pray daily for all of you in so many ways. We know God is listening to the tsunami of prayers washing over you always. Hurray!!

  3. What encouraging news! Love to you all.

  4. We are rejoicing with you! What fantastic news!

  5. Goosebumps! Praise God! Thanks for this update.

  6. Your whole family has been counting it ALL as joy through this whole process. Joining with you in praise for this word of encouragement! Love to you all!!!

  7. So glad for you all Ellie and Bob! This gives hope and I’m so glad there was not tumor growth after all that little guy, and all of you have been through. We love you and I have a little something for you.

  8. Yea!!! Praise God!!! This is good news. I just told Mawmaw this while she is in the hospital herself. She was very happy to hear this news. We are still praying!! Love you all.

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