Of Sisters And School

Today, Darcy started first grade.

Bob and I couldn’t be with her, but I want to take a moment to acknowledge this amazing girl. In many ways, the recent changes in our family have hit her the hardest. All I can say is that she tirelessly adjusts SO WELL. Last week, I watched her follow Chase all over the house, carrying his IV bag over her shoulder so that he wouldn’t be hampered in his play.

Just today, as we talked on the phone after school, she heard Chase fussing and -rather than finish our discussion about her class- offered to have me put him on the phone so she could “settle him down”. (she did indeed settle him down…)

Our precious girl made an awesome decision to trust Christ as her Savior this past summer and has had to bravely face several significant things going into the school year.

For these, and so many other reasons, we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Enjoying these precious moments …

Happy First Grade, Sissy!


7 responses to “Of Sisters And School

  1. What a precious SIBLING she is, like my older two grand children with my grandson when he went through Cancer, they thought more about him and his needs then their own, I guess that is how GOD CREATED THEM. Having faith sure helps and guides and gives you strength to carry on. Blessings to Chase for the FIGHT and all your family going through this.
    Sincerely, Mrs. Arends

  2. Ellie,
    She is so patient and quiet every time I see her and say hi. She is quite a girl. I can see her putting others before herself.
    Just wanted to mention that.


  3. She IS an amazing, intelligent charming little girl. I love our conversations and her curiousity. God’s blessings to all of you, I have thought of the other kids so often. maralee

  4. Oh my goodness, Ellie – Darcy looks just like you. What a sweet girl! I can’t believe she’s in the first grade already. Praying!!


  5. My heart is singing at the news that she is in Christ, too. She is showing herself to be a very special creation for the blessings of your family. You are right to feel so blessed. Please give her a hug for me & tell her I said, “Keep up the loving work, Darcy. God loves you.”

  6. And you know, in these moments God is teacher her about motherhood and leadership and caring for others and serving. He’s doing a work in all of you. I’m SO sorry you guys had to miss her first day of school, though!

  7. Oh how we love dear Darcy! Happy first grade! She sure is a wonderful big sister, such a great helper you have! And we rejoice with you all that the Lord has touched her heart and made her one of His. Praise the Lord!

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