A Good Moment

Early this morning, Chase had a fever that broke on it’s own!

This is a huge blessing as he has been struggling with higher fevers broken only with medicine since Saturday.

Also, his lab work came back showing improvement to the level that he won’t need any blood products transfused today.

And here’s the best part… Last night, he reached across the bed, patted my arm, and smiled. He’s been so sad and pained for so long this week that I’d forgotten how much I’ve missed his good moods until that smile broke through.

Rejoice with us! This is a good moment.


10 responses to “A Good Moment

  1. Rejoicing!!! :-)

  2. What a “Precious” little soul he is. God is working!!!! Blessing to Chase and the whole family.

  3. Rejoicing in the good moments! Praying through it all.

  4. What an encouraging, precious moment. Love you

  5. So very much rejoicing with you, Ellie & Bob!!! God is good — thru the big & the small!

  6. Praise dancing! 😀

  7. thanks for sharing that good news!!!! God IS listening to all our prayers and beliefs that He will take care of Chase. that is just awesome news Ellie!!!!! I am so happy.
    hugs, maralee green

  8. This was one of those God moments just for you, Ellie. He knew how much your heart was aching to see something akin to normal from Chase. And He supplied it in a pat & a smile. It was a precious grace moment. Praying always. Love you all so much.

  9. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow…So happy for you today!

  10. What truly wonderful news. Amazing what that simple touch can do to a mothers heart. A true moment of rejoice!

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