Friday Five: “Politician Is My Middle Name” edition

In a nod to this weekend (when many dress up as something other than what they usually are) and to the upcoming election (no comment on people being other than what they usually are), I give you ….

FRIDAY FIVE: The Political Edition!!  Or, who the Ewoldt family is most likely to be in current* politics.
*note:  current = I can’t be Margaret Thatcher. [muffled tears]  I’m over it … really.

BobRep. Aaron Schock (R, IL)  — Mr. Schock has the notable distinction of being the youngest member of the U.S. House in the 111th Congress.  Mr. Schock’s career started when he challenged his school board over a physical education credit.  He assumed a position on the school board at age 19 after defeating the incumbent board president with a majority of almost 2,000 votes.  Oh yeah, he was also a write-in.  [editorial sidebar:  A young, brainy Republican who challenges establishment in his free time?  I’m sure I don’t see any resemblence whatsoever.]

EllieNikki Haley (R, SC, gubernatorial candidate) —   Ms. Haley is the Republican nominee in the South Carolina gubernatorial election.  She has set the record for the best performance of a female gubernatorial candidate in the state’s history, and is a fiscal conservative with an emphasis on education.    [editorial sidebar: And she is a female politician who is NOT Sarah Palin or Christine O’Donnell] 

DarcyKelly Ayotte (R, NH) —    Ms. Ayotte is a New Hampshire lawyer who is the current Republican nominee for the Senate seat about to be vacated by Judd Gregg.  A quick look at her Wiki bio indicates that she’s verbal and tough.  She’s got opinions and she doesn’t mind sharing them.  Plus, she’s from New Hampshire.  Did I already mention that?

Aidan:  Rep. Anthony Weiner (D, NY) —   Mr. Weiner is the Representative from New York’s 9th district and is a Democrat (see how bipartisan we are?).  According to his bio, Mr. Weiner is considered to be the most intense and demanding member of Congress.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this.  Hey, even if you do believe me, watch it.  It’ll blow you away.

Chase:  Howard Dean (D,VT) —   Former Vermont Governor and ill-fated presidential campaign runner (2004).  It’s all about screaming for attention.

If you were a politician, who would you be?

3 responses to “Friday Five: “Politician Is My Middle Name” edition

  1. Love the last two!!!! So many of today’s politicians behave more like toddlers than they’d care to admit. I’ve witnessed a few tantrums this election cycle that would be grounds for discipline in my house.

    I would be Linda McMahon, Republican senatorial candidate. Like her, I’m from the petite-but-great state of Connecticut. Like her, I’m in favor of politicians bringing back the true meaning of “civil servant” by forgoing the fat salaries and big benefits. And like her, I feel like wrestling is a big part of my everyday life. I have considered charging spectators to watch my three go at it. I might just start my own WWF.

  2. Lisa, that’s a great suggestion. Personally, I would be all about seeing a WWF done Kerns style. :)

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