It Goes Without Saying, Right?

My “corn popper” experience with Chase made me think about how often I assume that I have adequately passed on a social convention (such as “We don’t make incessant and loud noises in a room where an infant is sleeping“) when in reality, my children feel no such compulsion in regards to their behavior.  In other words, they do things they really, really shouldn’t.

In honor of this, I have compiled a small list of my most recent “It Goes Without Saying” moments …

  • It goes without saying that we don’t pop the corn popper into the room where the 6 week old is sleeping, right?
  • It goes without saying that we don’t pick up the stick of butter thawing on the counter top and take a big bite out of it, right?
  • …that we don’t take a bite out of somebody else’s deodorant, right?  Come to think of it, don’t take a bite out of ANYBODY’S deodorant EVER, okay??
  • …that we don’t try and take out the Christmas tree with a large library book.  Oh, and this would be one of those “let’s skip it altogether” moments; much like the deodorant.
  • …that we don’t climb the four-drawer file cabinet like a ladder.
  • …that we don’t use your brother’s Excalibur sword to swipe the picture frames off the shelves over your head.
  • …that you don’t eat crayons.
  • …that you don’t eat crayons AGAIN.
  • …that you don’t take your pants or your diaper off.  Especially not at church.
  • …that the large floor signs in department stores are not for line backer-style rushing.  (Neither is the Christmas tree)

Wow.  I said “small list”, so with this, I’ll stop.  

In other news, I’m also calling a cease and desist because I just realized that every single item on this list has been performed by only ONE child.

It goes without saying that I’m signing off to get another cup of coffee …



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