Why Popcorn and Naps Don’t Mix

Last week, I had to sneak into the room where Karsten was taking a nap.  Even though the noise maker was running in the room, I told the other three children that I would be right back and that they were not to follow me into the room for obvious reasons.

While I was in the closet and in the process of hanging up some shirts [see also: hands occupied, unable to avert impending disaster], I heard the loud and cheerful sound of the “corn popper” being popped down the hallway towards the bedroom.

“He wouldn’t!”; thought the mother of four who was clearly in the throws of a major rookie mistake.  Oh, Yes.  He would.  He could.  And, he did.

Chase “corn popped” his way into the room and stood  -with his thumb in his mouth and a blank look on his face- staring down at the sleeping Karsten in his bassinet.  The hand that wasn’t in his mouth was idly pushing the popper back and forth on the floor with random “POP!” noises.  …in case Karsten had missed it the first time.

Why didn’t I “shush” him and get him out before he got that far?  Easy-peasy: Chase is a screamer (what should and probably will be the subject of another post).  Knowing that the corn popper only may wake up Karsten and Chase’s screams of protest at being ushered from the room certainly would wake up Karsten, I was forced into one of my many daily “Which hill do I die on?” moments.  Subsequently, Chase was forced into one of his many daily “Which side of the time-out chair do I want to sit on?” moments.

And this is the story of how Chase “corn popped” the baby awake.

The End.

Stay tuned for the second chapter  in the tome known as “Chase Blows Up Social Conventions” called It Goes Without Saying … Right?

2 responses to “Why Popcorn and Naps Don’t Mix

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  2. Donna Jeanne Schneider

    oh, this makes me laugh, only because I am no longer there…but I sure was for many long years! THANKS FOR SHARING THIS!! It was so well written, and we all cracked up!! :)
    but especially me, as the MOM, who was constantly trying to keep everyone quiet for the BABY (which was a number of YEARS with 7)

    Love you guys!! Have you seen the Pilgrim DVD?????? AWESOME

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