Friday Five: the food edition

Ah, the whimsy of “The Five”.

Today, in a celebration of the absolutely non-sensical, I bring you … [drum roll] … Food.  Favorites.  Five.

[By the way, this post is brought to you by the letter “F” and the number “5”]

B: Steak and a good salad.

E: Hummus with pitas and veggies.

D: Chicken nuggets and grapes.

A: Almost anything if it doesn’t eat him first.

C: Whatever Aidan is eating.

Hey! before checking out for weekend fun, take 30 seconds and post your witty suggestion for another “Five” category for the Ewoldts.  The winning suggestion will be the subject for my 10/22 post!  :)

3 responses to “Friday Five: the food edition

  1. A possible topic for your Friday Five entry would be: which cartoon character is each member of the family most like, and why.

  2. Bethany Engelkemier

    A friend of mine does a Fave Five on Fridays. She lists her top favorite things that she is thankful for during that week. I don’t know if you could modify this to fit your family I just thought I would toss it out there. I love the idea as it is so easy for me to look back at a week where not everything has gone according to plan and get discouraged. What a great way to focus on all that God has blessed me with during the week!

  3. TV shows, good books, activities… your blog!

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