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When A Seizure Is A Blessing

At this moment, I’m sitting in a hospital room overlooking Lake Michigan, waiting for my baby boy (who is currently in a 2 hour MRI), having been up and functioning since my husband woke me around 4:00am with the words “Chase is having some kind of seizure.”

In this moment, our hearts and minds are almost too full to process what is happening to our son, but here is some brief info:

  • Chase has a large mass in his brain.  This is what has been causing his illness and loss of language over the last weeks.  This is also what caused his seizure this morning.
  • The biggest issue now is to keep the swelling on the brain down and medicate against seizures.
  • As we are beginning to meet with the neuro team, they are very encouraging about this type of mass.
  • The mass means surgery and surgery soon.

In this moment, we have SO many unanswered questions, but here are some that we know to be true:

  • God can handle our fears and asks us to bring them to Him (Philippians 4:4-7).
  • God promises peace (Isaiah 26:13).
  • God knows and loves Chase and has been all over this happening in his life since, well, forever (Psalm 139).

We are so thankful for all the messages of love and encouragement.  In some ways, the seizure is the best thing that could have happened because they detected the mass and moved us to a higher priority level where Chase is getting great care.

Something tells me we are just beginning this journey…

More to follow soon…


Chase resting before his transfer this morning

My Mother’s Day In a Word…er, a Picture

Remember how I said that I would back-post on those missing 5 months?  I meant it, I really did!

This is my favorite, FAVORITE [emotional emphasis] picture from Mother’s Day:


That right there was the sum of the day that celebrated my maternal role.

The End.

The Day After Sunday

Around here, we have what we call “The Day After Sunday” – a term that refers to the outcome of 48 hours off-schedule for children and hour 1 back on schedule for the parents.  It’s a rare and ingenious blend of insanity that tends to manifest itself differently every week.  Comprende?  That’s right, I’m talking about the disease known as “Monday“.  Know of it?  Had it?  Catch it every six days or so?  Here are some of the symptoms as they manifest in the Ewoldt house:

    • A sudden craving for “time out“.
    • Onset of flailing limbs often coupled with a high-pitched wail.  At times, this may be followed by an inability to stand and horizontal kicking which usually sends the prone individual in a circular motion on the floor. (a la Donald O’Connor in Singing In The Rain – without the backup orchestra)
    • Selective hearing loss: the loss is often triggered by words such as “chore” or “school“.  Have no fear!  This symptom is rarely permanent.  A full auditory recovery is usually brought about with the use of words such as “candy” or “movie“.
    • Loss of control over bodily functions in previously bodily-function-trained individuals. (at this time, it may become necessary to administer a sedative to the primary care giver)
    • Repeated use of the word “No“.  Most often manifests as “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!”
    • Insomnia for the individual and ALL those in hearing range of the 60-minute “truck noise recital” with an encore of “57 ways to call your mother“.
    • Loss of appetite: especially for anything that might resemble a healthy meal choice.
    • Sudden desire to eat things not considered edible (such as legos).
    • Heightened inappropriate activity -such as hitting, punching, poking, kicking, licking and Kung fu- may occur. Such activity is usually directed at another individual, but in some cases may be directed at inanimate objects such as chairs, tables, shelves, the refrigerator, and the occasional motor vehicle.  Note: this behavior is often a precursor to the aforementioned craving for “time out“.

To date, there is no known cure for “Monday“.  However, this maternal care provider would highly recommend combining one trailer truck-size serving of your caffeinated beverage of choice with approximately 3 weekdays of detox.  “Monday” is almost always cured by such things as “Friday“, “The Weekend” and “Daddy’s Home“.

With that, I’m back to the trenches … My “Monday” patients have light sabers and broad swords.


The C.I.C [“Crazy In Charge“]

No, make that the C.C.I.C [“Caffeinated Crazy In Charge”]

**FYI, this is a “no image” post to protect the guilty, er, uh, the innocent**