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The 87 Hour Day

Today was an 87 hour-long day in which bedtime was always 86 hours away no matter what time it was.  It was a day when the last person standing was the winner, and if only one person was crying at a time, the winner was me.  Even as I attempt to compose my thoughts here [writing in real-time!], I have been interrupted to 1) answer the question “Mom, am I being quiet enough in bed?“, 2) deal with the child who doesn’t care if he’s being quiet at all – in fact, the louder, the better, and 3) answer the evening questions from the training potty: “Yes, that is where you go to the bathroom.  Yes, that is where you take a shower.  Yes, that is where you wash your hands.  No, you may not read a magazine.” (still unclear if he actually had to use the facilities or wanted a quick round of bathroom-style ’20 questions’).

Still, despite the giant cup of crazy that is my life right now, it’s a great place to be.  Here are just a few of the reasons why:  (Just so you know –  I’m writing these down as much for myself today as for anybody else…)

  • I live in a land where the phrase “Who wants a popsicle?!” makes me a national hero.
  • I live in a land where all injuries, real or imagined, are healed with a kiss and hug.
  • …where playing play-dough makes me cool.
  • …where flights of fancy are celebrated and even required.
  • …where “therapy” is a fuzzy baby head pressed on my shoulder.
  • …where just because my name is “Mom”, I am invincible. (and can even resuscitate the caterpillar that Chase ate) (not really) (but they thought I could)

Thinking about what a fun land I live in reminds me to be thankful on these long days.

Now I’m back to real-time.  I need to go tell them to put their heads on their pillows and be quiet (again) (you’d think they’d be tired after 87 hours) … and maybe kiss them and snuggle them in … just one more time.  :)

Good Night.



The Face On The Move

This child, affectionately referred to as “The Face” had a 7 month milestone recently.  He also celebrated a milestone of a different sort … the MOBILE kind!  I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m not jumping up and down just yet.  I 1) just realized that my house while Chase-proof, is shockingly un-baby-proof, and 2) my baby is growing up!  [moment of silence, please]

Okay, the moment is passed and I’m happy.  Seriously, how could you look at these adorable chubby-chub rolls and not be happy?  I dare you.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

(I just blew my cool quote arsenal for when he actually walks…)

A Very Lincoln Weekend

Mrs. Lincoln speaks about the Battle of Gettysburg

This weekend, we went to Civil War Days.

Actually, I need to back up a little on this story …

This winter, Darcy’s school presentation assignment over 7 weeks was to work on memorizing a famous historical speech (her history major mother did a little happy dance, I assure you).  We settled on The Gettysburg Address and got about 2/3 of the way through.  This piqued a Lincoln interest in her and so we decided after a very Lincoln-focused Winter/Spring that we needed to try out Civil War Days.

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like it.  In case you didn’t know this about me already, be warned: I didn’t just major in history – I’m a complete history geek.  As we strolled through the town along the green, I shared the street with the likes of Generals Custer, Sherman, Jackson, and Lee.  I also saw Mr. Jefferson Davis, and of course, our beloved Mr. Lincoln.

It's Mr. Lincoln!

Our time culminated with a view of an afternoon battle between really amazing re-enactors (or re-en-actors? or reen-actors?) posing as Union and Confederate soldiers.  Very real.  In fact, so real that my kids at 6 and 3 only made it past the first few minutes of the full artillery before they were asking if we could please take it all in from a sizeable distance.  Judging by my son’s grimace, I equate “sizeable distance” to some 50 miles give or take.  Luckily, they were both comforted with some kettle corn – leading to a discussion of whether the kettle corn they were eating was actually around during the Civil War (uh, sorry, FDA…) .

Enjoying the porch on the Mitchell Manor

Such a fun afternoon … even the discussion on 150 year old kettle corn.  If you ever get the chance to re-live history this way, jump at it!

A Boy and His Panda Bear

Chase is always in rare form, but recently it’s been so rare that if he were a steak, you’d probably get food poisoning.

He’s not, and you won’t, so don’t worry, you can keep reading in relative peace.

Rarity in point: Chase has a panda bear.  Actually, it’s a stuffed panda bear who is (in Chase’s mind) actually a dog named “Panda Bear” – which explains why Panda Bear always barked at us.  (We really did wonder for the longest time if Chase was “animal sound challenged”.)

Panda Bear is a flailing, crazed creature  who has a penchant for getting in people’s faces when he “talks”.  FYI, Chase “talks” for him in a high, squeaky, abnormally loud (which is going something for Chase) voice.  I don’t think I’d mind him so very much if he didn’t try and smother Chase’s younger brother in his enthusiasm or talk to us over the baby monitor at 5:30 in the morning.

Much as I’d occasionally love to send Panda Bear back to China from whence he came, a boy and his panda bear are not soon parted.   So, I guess I’ll keep him … Chase, that is … uh, I mean, I guess I’ll keep them.


Finding My Voice … Again

5 months. 

The longer I wait to write again, the harder it becomes to (re)find my voice.  I have posts and stories rolling around in my head endlessly – many of which end up like a punchline on Twitter* – but today is THE DAY.  No more procrastinating – back to writing I go!

In these months that you’ve been languishing without a good E-FAMILY read (see? I’m rolling in the jokes already!), we’ve coalesced as a family of six, we’ve completed a first year of classical school, many various and sundry activities, and lots of time with family and friends.

I can’t wait to share much of our time with you!

Reader warning: this will probably mean that you’ll be reading about our January in July.

Yes, we’re so out we’re in.

Have you missed us?  Here we are!

Please disregard whatever Easter candy it is that’s sticking out of Chase’s mouth. (I clearly did)


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