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The July That Wasn’t

Have you seen the month of July?  Last time I checked, it was June, and now it’s about to be August.  Yikes!

In truth, the only part of our July that’s been missing is my ability to post blogs.  The month has been full of visiting family and lots of outdoor fun … when it’s not 105 degrees outside. 

Stay tuned this week for more of what our July turned out to be.  It doesn’t disappoint, I promise, and it may, or may not include this:

A little too much?  I agree.  Here, refocus … this is FAR less disturbing:

Ah, less disturbing … Oh wait … yes, that is a car brush, and yes, Aidan did think it was a giant tooth brush.  Okay, so scratch that … we might be slightly disturbed. 

Hey, but we’ve had a fun July, so tune in next week regardless!

Am I the only one whose summer is passing far too quickly?  Please feel free to share some of your summer activities in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

The Question I Couldn’t Answer

“But what would you do if he asked you out on a date?”

My father sat completely relaxed in his refurbished antique easy chair; seemingly unaware of the ridiculous nature of his question.  His chair with its nubbled and faded fabric was long termed the “decision making chair” by those who had heard verdicts handed down as a product of hours of thought and prayer in that seat.  This is where my dad came to think and converse.

I sat across from him on my parents’ bed, legs tucked underneath me belying my adulthood and continued the conversation we’d been having for some time.  Though I tried to hide it, I thought I’d never heard anything crazier than his question and my tone showed it. “Dad, it is not going to happen.  It’s not like that.”

As my now six month old daughter napped soundly in the next room, my parents and I hashed through something that had been troubling me slightly since church that morning: the music intern.

He had been on staff for over a year and I’d met him and worked on a couple things with him before being pregnant, but he was a vague shadow on my consciousness at best.  I’d only spoken to him once – on the Sunday I’d been able to share my testimony with the church – he’d sought me out afterwards and made a point of telling me how brave he thought I was.  I thanked him for his encouragement and was promptly pulled into a different conversation.  The moment passed and so did he.

Now, months later, there was no other way to describe it other than that it seemed like he was always “around”.  A Sunday rarely passed that I didn’t seem to pass him in the hall or he’d be in the foyer and come over to greet me and see Darcy.  His interest in Darcy made sense as he spoke often and with obvious pride of his new nephew.  The rest didn’t make any sense, but I felt well and truly protected in a double cocoon of purpose and baggage.

I have never experienced so serious a season of peace as I did in those months right after Darcy was born.  People often used to confide in me about their prayers for a husband for me and a father for Darcy, and though I appreciated their thoughtfulness, I couldn’t understand their urgency in this because we were so well taken care of between my actual family and our church family.  In addition, I felt called to a season of singleness.  My single-parenthood was a testimony to God’s faithfulness and grace in me and I had every intention of using it as such.  I was meant to live out my life married to this ministry.

And not at all to disparage the reality of my feelings in the season, but even IF I ever experienced a change of heart towards my future; who would choose to align themselves to a woman with such obvious “baggage”?  Lingering emotional scars, a body ruined in child birth, and most of all … a child.  No date could ever be casual and dating me meant an instant family.  Nobody wanted that.

So being at peace with a calling to single parenthood and ministry was truly for the best all around.

But what about the music intern?


Family and Fun: the “We Are A Zoo” edition

We went to the zoo this week.  We are a zoo this week … but that is somewhat beside the point.  We probably could have skipped the zoo entirely and taken the kids to a local splash park, but we didn’t.  We are all about giving our kids culturally and naturally diverse experiences … all the better if it’s 90+ degrees and all naps are cancelled … right?  It builds character.

Mesmerized by the dolphins; Chase kept screaming at them.  I’m sure the other patrons really enjoyed this part.

Note: the shadowy blur with a hat is Chase.  Also note: I didn’t adjust the camera settings for a dim interior.

So begin the splash park pictures.  Have I mentioned … ? I’m really not sure why we took them to the zoo at all.

“Aidan, what was your favorite animal to see today?” Aidan: “Um, the water!”

Uh, does anybody need any water?”  [Chase brought his water bottle to the party after we told him that it was inappropriate to take and soak his sister’s hat … I know, we’re out to take away the fun.]

Aidan demonstrates to Chase how to “properly” stick your head directly into the sprinkler.  Ah, those boys …

Darcy (not so much into the splash park antics) had more fun in the Great Bear Wilderness.  “Am I an eagle yet, Mom?”

Darcy: “This is a dumb idea, Mom.” … Aidan: “I want to do it too!”

“Aidan, can you tell the camera what a wolf says?” … Aidan: “Nooooooo!” [at this point, mom and dad realize we might be almost done at the zoo]

But not before we see the polar bear …

Why is Darcy the only one pictured here?  Mostly because the boys were sitting in the stroller, more interested in their pretzel snack.  Hey, we tried …

Next up? The Arboretum!