Monthly Archives: October 2010

We Love the Zoo!

Yesterday, we went to Brookfield Zoo with some special friends from our church.    [true devotees of the Ewoldt family will want to note that there were 6 children 4 and under, 3 of whom were under 2 — God give us strength!]

Darcy, Aidan, Caedmon, and Piper @ the fountain

Despite our love affair with the zoo, I have to confess that on clear days (such as yesterday), as I drove east, I had a crazy desire to ditch the zoo plans and head straight for the Chicago skyline.

We’ve found that our length of time spent at the zoo is largely based on the good  mood of our kids.  [ie: it’s all good ’til the meltdown happens]  Yesterday, we made it 4 whole hours!  [baby steps … baby steps …]

Darcy in Great Bear Wilderness

The only downside to the whole excursion was the missing (or rather, loaned out) elephant.  …breaking my son’s tiny heart and making the mantra “Ehpah! [insert raspberry noises]” he’d been screaming the whole trip to Brookfield … well, just futile.  Poor Aidan.  Life is so hard.   It’s a good thing there are still tigers.  :)

"Look at the camera, Aidan! Look at the camera, Aidan!"

Hidden Chase

Chase is loud [a slight understatement] when he wants to be, but he also has this bizarre habit of finding a random place to hide [favorite place? under the coffee table] and just sit watching his frantic mother run around the house calling for him.  It’s a little strange actually, but I’ve been informed that he gets it from his father, so, I guess my frantic-running-around-the-house days have only just begun.

Speaking of which, where is Bob?! …

"Can you see me now, Mom?"