Monthly Archives: September 2010

Something Better

Occasionally, (or more often than that) I anticipate sharing from whatever I’m reading. Today’s quote comes from my current study on the book of Hebrews — “Hoping For Something Better“, by Nancy Guthrie —

“God does not intend for us to wear ourselves out with meaningless religious activity, filling ourselves with theology, working for him but never knowing what it is to enjoy knowing him and being known by him.”

Friday Five

Five person family, alliteration, etc, etc … a one sentence (or less) sum of the “random” in our week.  [and in this moment, it’s posted a little earlier than Friday]

B:  Working Randy Hultgren’s congressional campaign.

E:  On a charting kick.

D:  Read the word “Love” by herself.

A:  Obsessed with standing on his head.

C: 3 new teeth; bringing the grand total to 6.