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Friday Five as the Saturday Six

I was thinking about the “Friday Five” yesterday … I really was!  Somehow the day got away from me though. 

This week, it’s a picture kind of Friday Five.  It’s in the air or something.  And because I’m such a blog-crastinator, I give you the “Friday Five: as the Saturday Six edition” …

Bob: this is how you’ll often find my husband.  Deep in news, political, and/or theological thought; even while watching the kids.  The man’s brain is a sponge.   Don’t believe me?  You should check out his blog

Ellie:  because it was a crazy week, and because I was behind the camera and didn’t think about it, and because I’d really love for you to think of me this way and not as the crazed, pony-tail and glasses wearing, covered in throw-up, spit-up or some other kind of body function person … here’s my picture for the week.  This is what I really look like.  Every day.  As a I keep my immaculate house and cook my husband 5-course dinners every night.  [stifling maniacal laughter]  By the way, this is me with my cousin Emily – a gorgeous woman inside and out.  Sorry to wrangle you into this post, Em … I couldn’t find a picture of just me all dolled up. 

Darcy:  On Friday, Darcy’s accomplishment was undoubtedly dressing herself.  Let me just say … she does this by herself with great success in normal wardrobe choices all the time, but yesterday, something happened.  I don’t know what, but it was so completely clothes-tacular that I couldn’t resist documenting it here.  Darcy, I apologize to your 18 year old self in advance.  Here’s the front …

Note:  Yes, those are Christmas socks.  They’re actually adult socks that her grandmother gave to her to use as sock puppets or something and she loves them so much that she wears them year round, hiking them up to her knees with little “this is the place for your ankle” bubbles halfway up the back of her leg. 

And the back …

Truly a proud parenting moment. 

Aidan:  Aid hates the camera.  He loves looking at pictures after they are taken, but he has totally disconnected from the concept that you need to stand in front of the camera if you want to see yourself in a picture.  Which is why over 90% of our pictures look like this …

I *can’t wait* for the Christmas card picture. [please sense the dripping sarcasm]  In other news, Aidan is obsessed with ants.   I could grow a beard walking down the average sidewalk because we have to stop and look at EVERY. SINGLE. ANT.  He especially likes to try poking at them or picking them up.  Although, last night, he informed Bob and I that he was “petting the ant” -wait for it- “with his shoe“.  We laughed even as we heard the sound of future college scholarships getting flushed down the toilet. 

Chase: the big news for Chase is that he had his first hair cut this week!  [you should be both proud of me and relieved that I didn’t subject you to the “my baby’s first hair cut” blog as I’d originally threatened]  As cute as the old-man-hair-over-his-ears-meets-the-mullet look was, it was time … it was time. 

And since it’s the Saturday Six edition this week … here’s a picture of the youngest: clearly just chillin’.  Blissfully unaware of the crazy family he’s about to inhabit …

Have a great picture that defines your week?  Feel free to link to it in the comment section below.

Have a great weekend!

Unexpected Five

Three Day Weekend = THE AWESOME

Four Day Work Week = EVEN BETTER

Spending Two Days of a Shortened Week With Unexpected Issues = WAIT, WHAT?

Okay, I should probably explain … nobody’s sick and there’s no serious issue.  I’m just being dramatic (shocking, I know).  It was dumb, really.  I mean, if this problem were a bug, you’d need a microscope to see it.

This week, my phone battery decided to throw an all-out, knock-down, drag-out fit and took my whole smart phone down with it.  [By the way, I often wonder if my smart phone is actually smart … personally, I think my phone may be a little remedial … much as I adore it and can’t live without it.] So, rather than having the week I thought I was going to have, I spent several hours on both Wednesday and Thursday mornings in my local cell phone store being repeatedly asked technologically insulting question (“Why, yes, thank you, I do know how to turn the phone off!”).  This little flea of an anecdote has a happy ending, in that I now have my phone back in working order and am no longer in smart phone withdrawal … but, in honor of this time-sucking aspect of my week, I give you … Friday Five: the “Unexpected Five” edition detailing our biggest “What?!” of the week.  (It’s a slow week, I know … thought you all might like a little lightness after last week)

Bob:  had to unexpectedly work two 15 hour days this week.  You will find him sleeping at the nearest computer.

Ellie:  see the bug story above.  Thank you.

Darcy (in her own words … after a detailed parental explanation of the word “unexpected“):  “Well, I went to Grammie’s house and rided on a wagon down the whole block and not my bike.”  Thank you, Darcy.

Aidan:  “IhihTsaseeBur“, an exact translation of which is “I hit Chasey-Bear“.  Honesty appreciated, Aidan.  Although, I suspect that was slightly more unexpected for Chase than it was for you.

Chase:  When asked about his week, Chase simply says “Yeah!”.  However, speaking for him, I believe his only unexpected event was finding out that his mother did NOT wanting him standing on the living room table.  The end.

So, in short, the week is GOING




Friday Five: The “You May Address Me As…” edition

Remember when I was going to do a “Friday Five” post every Friday?  Yeah, me too.  Let’s not talk about it … I’ll face my procrastination sometime after the weekend.

Hey!  But, because it’s actually Friday today, and because the royal wedding really wasn’t that long ago, and the history of the British monarchy is so cool (nerd alert!), and because our president and his wife made news over there this week, I give you … the “You May Adress Me As …” edition of “Friday Five”!!

Epic Sidenote: I chose these five out of England’s finest because of personality similarities or likely accomplishments … just want to make it clear that I’m not equating my baby boy with a head-chopping, divorce-crazed guy, okay?  Are ya with me? 

Robert: William I, aka: “William the Conqueror”.  To put it in perspective, this guy lived shortly after history went into four digits (think, 1028 or so).  He became the first Norman king of England persuasively through a large scale invasion (ever heard of the Battle of Hastings?).  England took to this fairly well … hey, during his coronation they only “boo’d” loudly and set fire to the houses around the church while abandoning the ceremony to loot … classy, huh?  His reign saw the introduction of Norman-French culture, widespread reform, and also the first nation-wide survey to determine England’s productivity.  Get this!  He died from serious abdominal injuries (look out for those horse pommels if you’re ever unseated while riding!) sustained in battle.  Oh, but it doesn’t stop there … his burial is even more interesting!  Due to length of time and heat, his body bloated and the priests had to literally shove him into the sarcophagus.  Again with the classiness.  (this is why I love history)

EllieElizabeth I, aka: “Good Queen Bess”.  She was the last of the House of Tudor, only daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. (I bet she won the “Interesting Parents” contest every time)  Despite parliament whining at her for most of her life, she refused to marry.  The “Elizabethan Era” was characterized by military victories (Sir Francis Drake), drama (ever heard of a guy named Will Shakespeare?) and the forging of a national identity (over her 44 years on the throne!).  She has been charaterized as short-tempered and charismatic (explaining the lack of marriage?), and supported the spread and strengthening of the English Protestant church.  Sidenote: just to be clear, I picked her because of her charisma and accomplishments … NOT her rumored short temper.  Just to be clear …

Darcy: Queen Victoria, aka: A National Icon.  She gets the award for longest reigning monarch (63 years!) and was also the first Empress of India (see also: “crazy international expansion).  The last monarch of the House of Hanover, her reign is marked by significant change and progress.  With all 9 of her children and 26 of her 42 grandchildren marrying into royal/noble households, she is often referred to as the “Grandmother of Europe”.  How do you like them apples?

AidanEdward VII, aka: The Guy They Named the “Edwardian Era” After.  Queen Victoria’s oldest son, he was the first and last monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (renamed the House of Windsor by his son due to anti-German sentiment … also, the British might have found it too much to pronounce … oh wait, that part was just me).  His reign, falling just inside the new 20th century, is charaterized by great strides in technology and society.  Edward is also celebrated for all he did to foster good relations with Europe (particularly France … who still had their feather ruffled over all the times England had tried to take them over … oops!)   He was also a pretty good judge of character: he didn’t get on well with his nephew Wilhelm and was known to have thought that Wilhelm was likely to start a war.  World War I started four years after Edward’s death and effectively ended the “Edwardian Era”.

Chase:  Henry VIII, aka: The Guy With the Bad Temper, aka: I just couldn’t help myself.  Of the House of Tudor, Henry was attractive and charismatic and was actually quite accomplished (an author and composer! … gee, I wonder when he found time to do the kinging?)  His reign was one of absolute power and he is (of course) best known for 1) Divorcing himself from the Catholic church, and 2) Divorcing himself from half the women in England.  Well, maybe not half, but still 6 wives isn’t something to sneeze at!  He is generally depicted as a smart, but all around crabby man.  

If this whetted an appetite for more on the British monarchy, go grab yourself a 500 page volume of British history for your Memorial Day weekend!  Or, if you’re not a total dork like me, at least watch “The King’s Speech” because it’s an awesome monarchy story (about a guy I didn’t even feature today) and is not to be missed.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Friday Five: “Politician Is My Middle Name” edition

In a nod to this weekend (when many dress up as something other than what they usually are) and to the upcoming election (no comment on people being other than what they usually are), I give you ….

FRIDAY FIVE: The Political Edition!!  Or, who the Ewoldt family is most likely to be in current* politics.
*note:  current = I can’t be Margaret Thatcher. [muffled tears]  I’m over it … really.

BobRep. Aaron Schock (R, IL)  — Mr. Schock has the notable distinction of being the youngest member of the U.S. House in the 111th Congress.  Mr. Schock’s career started when he challenged his school board over a physical education credit.  He assumed a position on the school board at age 19 after defeating the incumbent board president with a majority of almost 2,000 votes.  Oh yeah, he was also a write-in.  [editorial sidebar:  A young, brainy Republican who challenges establishment in his free time?  I’m sure I don’t see any resemblence whatsoever.]

EllieNikki Haley (R, SC, gubernatorial candidate) —   Ms. Haley is the Republican nominee in the South Carolina gubernatorial election.  She has set the record for the best performance of a female gubernatorial candidate in the state’s history, and is a fiscal conservative with an emphasis on education.    [editorial sidebar: And she is a female politician who is NOT Sarah Palin or Christine O’Donnell] 

DarcyKelly Ayotte (R, NH) —    Ms. Ayotte is a New Hampshire lawyer who is the current Republican nominee for the Senate seat about to be vacated by Judd Gregg.  A quick look at her Wiki bio indicates that she’s verbal and tough.  She’s got opinions and she doesn’t mind sharing them.  Plus, she’s from New Hampshire.  Did I already mention that?

Aidan:  Rep. Anthony Weiner (D, NY) —   Mr. Weiner is the Representative from New York’s 9th district and is a Democrat (see how bipartisan we are?).  According to his bio, Mr. Weiner is considered to be the most intense and demanding member of Congress.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this.  Hey, even if you do believe me, watch it.  It’ll blow you away.

Chase:  Howard Dean (D,VT) —   Former Vermont Governor and ill-fated presidential campaign runner (2004).  It’s all about screaming for attention.

If you were a politician, who would you be?

Friday Five: the food edition

Ah, the whimsy of “The Five”.

Today, in a celebration of the absolutely non-sensical, I bring you … [drum roll] … Food.  Favorites.  Five.

[By the way, this post is brought to you by the letter “F” and the number “5”]

B: Steak and a good salad.

E: Hummus with pitas and veggies.

D: Chicken nuggets and grapes.

A: Almost anything if it doesn’t eat him first.

C: Whatever Aidan is eating.

Hey! before checking out for weekend fun, take 30 seconds and post your witty suggestion for another “Five” category for the Ewoldts.  The winning suggestion will be the subject for my 10/22 post!  :)

Friday Five

This week, I decided to make the “Friday Five” about our reading life.  Here is what we’ve just finished, what we’re currently reading as well as (for the adults anyway) what’s next up on the list.  Have a great weekend everybody! :)

B:  “Gospel Powered Parenting”, William Farley (just finished) “Sheet Music”, Kevin Leman (current), “The Road To Serfdom”, F.A. Hayek (up next)

E:Don’t Make Me Count To Three!“, Ginger Plowman (just finished), “Gospel Powered Parenting“, William Farley, “The Pleasures of God“, John Piper (simultaneous current), “Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be“, Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck (up next)

D:  “Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book, Howard R. Garis (republished 1920’s chapter book about the adventures of a “gentleman rabbit” and his woodland friends)

A:  “Curious George and the Puppies“, H.A. Rey

C:  “Squishy Turtle, author [of this small fabric chew toy/book] unknown

Friday Five

Five person family, alliteration, etc, etc … a one sentence (or less) sum of the “random” in our week.  [and in this moment, it’s posted a little earlier than Friday]

B:  Working Randy Hultgren’s congressional campaign.

E:  On a charting kick.

D:  Read the word “Love” by herself.

A:  Obsessed with standing on his head.

C: 3 new teeth; bringing the grand total to 6.